Our Story


Our Story

What do enterprises need in their digital journey to make best use of their existing investments on the systems and data? This single question brought together a team of professionals with 80+ years of combined experience. As enterprises systems and data sources grow: in size, number and technologies, and as the boundaries of employees’ functions stretched, it has become critical to integrate Systems, Data, and People into one digital enterprise. This was the impetus for TrilogyOne: to integrate these THREE related entities into ONE digital enterprise. 

We made the decision to focus on the Data area that is most vital to enterprises and to bring topnotch talent and expertise to perfecting it.

Our Talent is differentiated with three unique traits:

Be Passionate and Be Experts

We are passionate about what we do and enjoy it thoroughly like a kid! Working at it nonstop and the thrill of discovery makes us feel great. In the process we strive to be experts!

Be Real and Be Genuine

We are real and honest in what we say or what we do. This brings us with openness and integrity. It’s refreshing to be genuine and authentic!

Be Empathetic and Be Client Centric

We understand and share the feelings of another. This makes us genuinely interested in what our customers are asking and easily step into their shoes to understand!