HCM / HR - Talend MDM for Employee data

  • Leverage the power of Talend MDM by creating a single employee platform with information from multiple ERP systems like HR and Payroll, resulting from frequent international acquisitions or expansion.
  • Define data governance by ‘who is responsible for the data’ and determine the employee data format to create a common language to be shared between all divisions.
  • Use Talend Data Quality solutions to correct and share the data with all divisions for better data management.
  • Create a unique and shared identifier for each employee to enable SSO functions and quick onboarding with access to all other systems, including social networks. Achieve D+1 updates to employees’ data, including updates on new arrivals and departures and transfers, while emphasizing the confidentiality and security of the data.


EDUCATION SERVICES - Talend Data Integration to transform legacy systems

  • Transform under-performing legacy IT infrastructure into an agile data integration platform with Talend Data Integration by extracting data from student management systems, financial applications and other sources to support business intelligence analytics.
  • Remove a range of bespoke custom integrations between applications and databases that were put in place to meet adhoc requirements without any overarching strategy or documentation.
  • Overcome the legacy platform hinderance to implement new data strategies and data warehouse. Build new APIs to allow the efficient flow of data to and from institutions’ applications and databases across campuses, as well as convenient storage in one central location for analysis.
  • Monitor federal compliances for grants with single source of student data and generate compliance reports. Focus on your business with Talend Data Integration by freeing up your staff from manual data collection and entry.
  • Input data relating to staff members, students, the library and the university whilst ensuring data consistency across the board
  • Using Talend Cloud Integration, integrate your online cloud-native applications like: Alumni or Fund-Raising systems with on-premise legacy backend university systems or other SaaS applications


FINANCIAL SERVICES - Talend MDM for CRM and Customer data

  • Meet the demands of digital-savvy customers at every touch-point with the banks, financial institutions, and credit unions with branch visits to online transactions, to support hotlines and web chats. Be a game changer in the age of Digital Banking by creating an exceptional experience for the customer at every interaction
  • Embed Talend MDM into customer facing applications to handle data quality at its point of entry in a real time and dynamic fashion. Recognize the importance of customer data quality/ accuracy and detect data quality issues at source
  • With Talend MDM, integrate data from complex multi-channel banking infrastructures with applications for the branch, the call center, web chats, multi-channel marketing, inbound/outbound e-mail communications, and integrate with customer self-service mobile or web applications, IVRs, and ATMs
  • Create a unified view of the customer relationship, including their support tickets, and propagate this view across all support systems, both new and legacy. If a customer opens a support ticket in one department, the ticket can be transferred from one support group to another, without having to retype information or ask the customer to repeat the information.
  • With Data cleansing and Data stewardship ensure that customer data is sanctioned. Get real-time access to an always-accurate 360° customer view with customer identity control. Provide customers with the right level of information and give them the most relevant options, personalized to fit their preferences and needs


RETAIL - Talend Big Data Integration to drive Sales & Customer Experience

  • Meet the challenges of data connectivity due to influx of on-premise, cloud and SaaS based technologies with Talend Big Data Integration. Develop a predictive analytics solution that is channel agnostic and delivers ubiquitous and real time information across the retail organization
  • Capture Terabytes of datasets with Talend BDI from multiple sources – transactional data, web data, customer sentiments surveys, chat/phone sessions, social data, including third parties, social networking feeds and APIs
  • With Talend Big Data, build an elastic hybrid-cloud platform to analyze billions of customer interactions annually
  • With more rapid and frequent access to retail sales data, increase efficiency by faster and smarter marketing campaign decisions that positively impact marketing strategies. Find out what product combinations customers care about most, drive up revenue per unit and explore cross-sales for product accessories.
  • With insights, understand faster and more fully what your customers expect from a personalized customer experience and what products they are expecting from a product offering standpoint.