Connecting Systems, Data and People
for Digital Tranformation & Agility

Our Expertise

Advisory / POC Services

We help identify and elaborate your requirements and implement a proof of concept (POC) in Talend Data Integration,Glassbox Customer Analytics and Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse. We help you to build a business case.

Implementation Services

We bring deep expertise in Talend Big Data Integration, Glassbox Customer Analytics and Snowflake DW solutions. We partner with you for the full lifecycle of the implementation from solution design to production rollout and benefits realization.

Migration Services

More often we see enterprises migrate from their existing ETL platform to Talend or existing Customer Analytics platforms to Glassbox or existing DW platform to Snowflake DW. With expertise in the ETL, Customer Analytics and DW coupled with strong expertise in Talend, Glassbox and Snowflake, we can help in your migration projects. 

Support Services

We provide cost-effective, 24/7, on-demand support for your Talend or Glassbox or Snowflake implementation. You focus on your business while we manage your implementation support or augment your support staff

On-Demand Consulting Services

If you already have a project in execution and need expertise, we will bring expert resources onsite (at your location) and offsite (from various US or offshore locations) for Talend, Glassbox or Snowflake projects.

Our Talent is differentiated

Be Passionate and Be Experts

We are passionate about what we do and enjoy it thoroughly like a kid! Working at it nonstop and the thrill of discovery makes us feel great. In the process we strive to be experts!

Be Real and Be Genuine

We are real and honest in what we say or what we do. This brings us with openness and integrity. It’s refreshing to be genuine and authentic!

Be Empathetic and Be Client Centric

We understand and share the feelings of another. This makes us genuinely interested in what our customers are asking and easily step into their shoes to understand!